Best Warm Up Exercises Before Starting a Workout

As I told about the importance of exercise in my last topic. Today I will tell you some warm-up exercises before starting a workout. We go to the gym to exercise, we work hard or do heavy workout to make the body good then some feel pain after having a heavy workout why does this happen? This happens because we do not do warm-up exercises before starting any workout. Exercise is important as well as warmup is also important.

Importance of warm up exercises

This is a good way to pump the body well and to prevent it from getting injured. Warm up your body for at least 10-15 minutes. So let's discuss some warm-up exercises.


Warm-Up Exercises

1. Stretching

First comes body stretching. This is very important before starting any workout. By stretching, each of your muscle become active, blood flow increases, and your every muscle become warm. So that the risk of your injuries decreases. We should never neglect this because if we do so, then the joint pain or muscle pain can always be permanent.

2. Jumping rope

Our stamina increases by doing jumping rope. It does not only increases your stamina but there are many other advantages as well as like weight loss fast, Detoxify, improves digestion and much more. Jumping rope can be used at the beginning of workout for a warm up and it enhances the overall performance of workout.

3. Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks is also commonly used as a warm-up. Jumping jacks starts off in a standing position with feet together and arms to the side then jump while separating legs and raising arms overhead and jump back to starting position. You can perform it like sets if you are a beginner.

4. Squats

Squats can be performed as weighted or unweighted. But here we have to do without weight for warm up. Squats help increases your strength and tone legs. It also enhances core strength. Whenever you perform squats, keep in mind that your motion should not be so fast, your motion should be nice and controlled. Remember that The more gently you do, the greater the effect.  

5. Sprint 

Sprint workout is also called athlete workout. It keeps the body fit.




Benefits of Warm Up


 1. Body temperature increases

Increasing body temperature increases flexibility in muscles. This reduces the risk of muscle stretching.

2. Metabolic rate increases 

Increasing the metabolic rate increases the energy level in the players' body so that their performance gets even better. 

3. Worries and stress decreases 

Often times, the players are in tension before the game but warming up energy is transmitted in the body and the flow of blood increases which can relieve stress. 

4. The amount of lactic acid decreases

Loss of lactic acid does not cause pain in the hands during fatigue.


5. The risk of injury is low 

After warm-up, the muscles become loose, which reduces the chance of injury. 





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