Top 10 Best tips to crack a job Interview


The interview is the last step for your success. Always do the best preparation to clear the interview. Some people clear the interview and got the success in life but some people failed to clear the interview and obviously miss the chance of success. People who failed to attempt their first chance in interview generates a fear inside in the next attempt just because of fear they miss another chance also. When your fear level increases then your confidence level decreases.


An interview is your chance to sell your skills and abilities. An interviewer judges your everything such as:

1. Your strength and skills
2. Flexibility
3. Your personality
4. Self-confidence
5. Curiosity
6. Enthusiasm

The job interview is probably the most important step you will take in your journey. It's your best chance to show your skills and abilities to the company and shows that you are the best person for their job.


Interview tips


1. Well resume

Your resume is the most important tool that portrays your professional history. A well-written resume helps the interviewer to select you. Your resume must be easy to read and also attractive. This is the first step that leads you to your dream job. A resume is a one page summary of your work experience and uses effective titles for heading. Make sure your cover file or holder should be very simple because simplicity is the best policy.


2. Body language

In an interview, body language is also very important for all of us. Our body language describes our personality. Our body language is the main factor in making a powerful first impression. There are some points that we should take in our mind:-

. Sitting posture (Our back should be straight)
. Don't do instant eye contact
. Use little hand gesture
. Your feet should be on the ground
. While listening nod your head.


3. Attire yourself professionally

When we go for an interview, we already made an impression that based on how we are dressed. He/She should always avoid denim jeans, jeans are never a good option for an interview. There are many attire that wear in the interview and the professional interview attire for men and woman are :- 

.He/She can make sure that an outfit fits well on you and it makes you feel comfortable as well as.

.Check how you look from head to toe before going for the interview. Also, check yours:

      Hair (set your hairstyle)

       Nails (cut your nails)

       Shoes (well-polished shoes)

.For women, select a simple jewelery and natural makeup.


4. Communication skills

In our daily life, communication is the most basic thing. During an interview, a good communication also helps you in selecting. Sometimes, many of us are unable to communicate properly in the interview than they won't be hired. There are one most important thing in communication is that always listen first. The interviewer also judge you from your patience level of listening, if you interrupt the conversation than the interviewer are fed up and don't select you. So always prepare first and be confident. Make sure you communicate well in the interview.


5. Research the company

Whenever you go for an interview than research the company first. You must have knowledge about the company, their researches and when did the company was established. It shows to the Interviewer that you keep interests in their company. So be careful and read all the information about company background.


6. Wear a confident smile

A confident smile always looks attractive on you and it is better than your outer looks. A smile reduces your stress and your nervousness. While interview, don't smile too much because it seems that you are giving fake smile. Always try to smile inappropriate based on the moment. Remember, a confident smile is your secret weapon for success. 



7. Think positive

It's normal to be nervous before a job interview after all, maybe you are frustrated with your job search, or don't really believe the job for which you are interviewing is a good fit. Sometimes you are afraid that you won't get the job. 

A positive friendly attitude really impresses an interviewer. Show confidence in your own abilities, value your past experience and future capabilities. An interviewer fastly judges your level of confidence. So keep in mind you don't have to put down your level of confidence and always stay positive about the future results. Some tips to think positive

. Practice + repeat
. Try to stay calm
. Share your achievements
. Smile whenever possible
. Take a deep breath


8. Don't give up

Our life based on winning or losing. Everyone face losing once in their life but we have to change our lose to win. If you failed to clear your interview don't give up and think that it was your experience to reach the professional level. Some people getting depressed and think that we never clear an interview, its difficult to clear an interview but you have to close that thinking, stay motivated and remember don't give up maybe your second chance is a good option for you.

9. Silence your phone

Why you should not answer your phone at the job interview? When you answer your cell phone it seems like you are unprofessional, rude and not interested in this interview. Whenever your phone rings or vibrate the interviewer may allow you to take a call but actually, the interviewer may feel distracted and disturb and this will affect your job interview. This is the bad impression that gives to the interviewer. So, silence your phones before your dream job interview.



10. Stay confident and focused


If you want to crack your dream job interview, then the most important secret is to be confident and focused on interview. Show your positive side with energy and enthusiasm. If you are nervous before your interview then take a deep breath and it will help you to calm your nervousness. If your interview going to the end than think you are really like the job. In the end, close your interview on a positive note, it will give a good impression. 





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