How to own confidence in personality?

what is confidence? 

confidence is the only thing you have which never fail you in life towards your goals. Confidence gives you the power to conquer the world. Why do people want to build so much confidence? Because it's an essential part of a successful life. Confidence is a feeling that you can do something well, has the ability to succeed at something. You have inside a feeling that pushes you to complete your task or goal that's called a ''confidence or self-confidence''.

5 facts you never knew about how confidence build in personality.


1. Say no to 'I CAN'T

The word 'I CAN'T' is the biggest obstacle in your path. Sometimes you know that you can do a particular thing but a doubt is also in the mind that I can't do it. You have to eliminate that word from your life so that you never fail in your victory. You became more dominating and effective.You enjoy greater self-esteem and learn how to be confident. 

Discover your level of self confidence and boost confidence in yourself


Do you feel tense when someone speaks to you? We all have our rise and fall in our life. Success and failure both are part of our life. If we do not experience sadness, we will never know the value of happiness. If also something goes wrong to us we all have the strength to make it right. Discover your level of self-confidence and boost confidence in yourself. Never say no and never say I can't do it, every time say  "I can do it or I can try it."

2. Things that happens when you Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself is also an important factor in personality development. Believe in yourself is everything. If you believe in yourself anything is possible but if you doubt yourself nothing is possible. If you want to achieve a successful life you must surrender or give up doubting yourself, fear, negative thinking, anger, jealousy and blame yourself. Sometimes change can take a time but you have continued to grow, struggle to get better and better in the area where you make progressive improvements. Believe in yourself and you will be unbeatable. Some tips that will help you to manage your self-doubt.

. Don't doubt yourself 

. Meditation

. Learn from your mistakes 

. Love yourself

. Every morning say I am the best

3. Things to remember about smile and make eye contact

Remember, a smile is a beautiful god gift to all of us and best accessory to wear. While making eye contact, make sure that other people feel comfortable with you. During a conversation with anyone, if other person looks at you, look at them and when they look away, you also look away.

When you meet other people, you should smile first than make eye contact

When you meet other people, you should smile first then make eye contact and be a good listener also. At the same time, some people hesitate to make eye contact with other people, but when someone makes eye contact unwanted it means staring and this makes other uncomfortable. At the end, remember that smile can make you more attractive and eye contact can make other people feel comfortable.

4. Travel and meet new people

While traveling, sometimes we are little uncomfortable and some are in fear. At the same time, during traveling, we build our confidence from meeting new people. While traveling we meet different people from different religion and with different languages from that we gain more confidence in ourselves and we learn new things about others. This helps us to end our fear and also explore our mind. Some people don't like to meet new people but we should meet new people. It also helps us to improve our self- knowledge, and awareness.

Travel and meeting new people


5. Inhale confidence exhale doubt 

Have you thought if you had enough confidence. You could overcome the self-doubt, fear, and unsuccessfullness. With confidence, you have the ability to do things well or deal with every tough situation successfully. Go bold everywhere. Everyone knows where I am good and where I am have eager to learn new things.

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