Things you need to know about social anxiety

What is social anxiety?

Everyone face Social anxiety once in their life. Social anxiety is one of the biggest problem or obstacles in many people's life. Social anxiety usually starts during the teenage years. Some people end's their social anxiety as they get older or mature but some people can't go away from social anxiety.

Social anxiety is a type of fear like

1.   Feeling trouble with talking to other.

2.  Feel shy.

3.  Disinterested in everything.

4.  Meeting new people.

People with social anxiety feel quite nervous or disturbed in all situations

People with social anxiety feel quite nervous or disturbed in all situations. They feel fear to face a situation in their life. They feel shy to share anything, they do not get fully opened with anyone. Social anxiety causes a very big impact on your life and your goal towards success.

Symptoms of social anxiety

. You are feeling nervous and down 

Are you feeling nervous when anyone calls you to speak in front of all, feeling nervous to get interact with others? If, yes then you are suffering from social anxiety. This situation comes in every person's life. He/She feeling down. Some are getting out of this situation by the experiences but some are not.


. Negative thoughts in mind about our self

Many people with negative thinking think that when they try as hard as they can to fight their belief, they seem to have them more. This is because the disturbed brain does something very frustrating. Your brain does not allow you to do something. Your brain feels you a failure. People with negative thinking have jealousy, doubting yourself, shame, embarrassment.

Negative thoughts in mind yourself

. Feeling fear to do anything

Now a time fear is common's in everyone's life. People do not live with fears. Everyone has a fear of rejection, fear of the future, fear of job, fear to talk with a stranger. Fear to do anything is also a sign of social anxiety in which you always feel fear to do anything new in your life. You always do your work with fear.

. Avoid meeting new people

When it comes to meeting new people some people getting afraid to meet. People often fear for audience, meeting and social interaction and have thoughts such as "I am not a good conversationalist". For many people conversation to anyone is not a big deal but for someone, it is very hard to do.

 . Avoid eye contact

People with social anxiety avoid eye contact with others because they think that we have a lack of confidence and a low self-esteem.

People with social anxiety avoid eye contact with others


Above these are some symptoms of social anxiety but there are some ways to help you to deal with it.

Tips to overcome social anxiety or social phobia

. Defeat your inside fear

Fear is the first and the biggest hurdle which always pushes you back whenever you wanted to do something. First of all, you have to overcome this. Everyone experience fears in their life. Fear is good if you beat it because with that you might be much stronger by personality. The best way to overcome your fear is to build confidence and only then you can go ahead with your social life with more confidence.

. Stop judging yourself with others

Focus on your own life do not think about what other people are doing, wearing, thinking, judging. Try to build your own unique identity. Once you have stopped judging yourself you can begin to have a more satisfying life. Just love yourself, believe yourself, stop judging yourself with others. People are so judgmental nowadays but you have to regret that thing and continue to grow up yourself.

. Speak in front of a group

Well speaking in front of a group is quite challenging but believe me guys this challenge leads you to your destiny, leads you to your dream. If you feel nervous to talk in front of the group just practice at home, practice in front of the mirror, make yourself a note. When it finally comes to speak take a deep breath and begins to speak.

|Speak in front of group


. Enjoy every moment of your life

The god has given us valuable life to enjoy but we wait for an occasion to celebrate festivals or other parties. We should try to enjoy each and every moment of our life because our life is too precious. You never know when it's your last breath. Be happy, live every moment as if it is the last moment. So enjoy your valuable life.

Enjoy every moment of your life

. Challenge your negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can prevent you from enjoyment, distracts you from focus and drain your energy. Learn to challenge negative thoughts it takes some time and practice but once you start looking at it you will definitely see results in yourself.

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